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Input *.* to receive a list of all available products!

In Quick Search you can always only search for one search criteria out of the list hereunder (e.g. search for Barmag or Pigtails)! If you are looking for a combination of search criteria, continue to the “Advanced Product Search” section and click the required combination!

Under Quick Search, search for the following search criteria:
DOCERAM Article Number Input the complete DOCERAM article number for the most precise search result!

In order to speed up your search, you can ignore hyphens!

For the fastest input, just type the last digits of the searched article. In some cases, two or more articles are displayed. Choose the right article among the displayed results!
Original Article Number Input the machinery producer’s original Spare Part Number for the searched part!  The corresponding DOCERAM product will be displayed.
Name of Machine Producer Input the brand name of the machinery producer! All DOCERAM products for this brand will be displayed.
Part - Group Name Input the group name to which the part belongs! All parts belonging to this group will be displayed.
Nickname of the part Input the nickname of this part, e.g. rabbit head, snail guide, dog tail, upper guide, lower guide etc.!
Material Input the material that you need for your threadguide and find a list of all products made in this material!

For the most exact result, input the DOCERAM material brand name (A997, Slim, A99S etc.)!

Typing the chemical formula (Al2O3), the chemical name (Aluminium Oxide) or the commercial name (Alumina) will display a list of all products made from this material, but can not distinguish different material purities!
Colour Input your colour requirement and find a list of all products offered in the demanded colour! Please note: Some materials can be offered in various colours. If your product is not listed in the right colour, contact us for details!